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We are a team of passionate Sales & Operations professionals with varied experiences who have come together to offer the most cost-effective solutions & services by supplying surplus unused Construction Equipment.

Our main focus is to offer a win-win solution to all the stakeholders involved in the supply chain process. The supplier, end-user & the environment all stand to gain something when we close a deal successfully. Thus we are sustainable yet cost-effective.


To promote sustainability by bringing surplus equipment purchase in to the mainstream.


To provide world class quality engineering products at competitive rates & unmatched service.

Company Profile

SERVCON EQUIPMENT TRADING LLC prides itself in providing the best quality engineering products that are utilised in the Construction, Marine, Industrial, Oil& Gas industries. Our Unique Selling Proposition is the ability to offer-Unused Surplus & Brand-new quality products under the same roof. We also offer on-site technical advice, after-sales support, maintenance & services for all types of machines that we sell, including but not limited to Air Handling Equipment, Lighting Equipment, Compaction Equipment, Concreting machines, Agricultural equipment, Steel cutting & Bending machines.

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